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We've completed 40+ reviews on some of the most commonly used CB shops online so you can learn more about the businesses before making your purchase.

Physical Address Listed on Website +1 star

Phone Number listed on Website +1 star

Secure Shopping Cart System +1 star

Professional Website Design +1 star

Contact Email Listed on Website +1 star



In some cases we may remove a star for other reasons even if they meet the criteria. This is because we may feel it's necessary so that their rating is realistically "accurate".

Shops listed with a GREEN STAR  are ones we have dealt with and would recommend.

Shops  listed with RED STARS  indicate they have been listed on "black list" sites, make wild claims about wattage on radios they tune, or it is generally known that people have run into certain issues when dealing with them (non-shipment, problems with products, returns, etc). RED STAR SHOPS ARE HIGH RISK FOR ONLINE SHOPPING. This doesn't necessarily mean they are bad shops (unless noted), just that I wouldn't recommend buying from them online.

These shops have been rated based on our own system listed above and we are not in any way saying one shop is necessarily better than another for any service in particular.  Please make sure to do your own research and always be very careful when purchasing online. Always ask what exactly a shops "peak and tune" involves and be aware that many people working on radios aren't as skilled as they claim to be.



Overview: is a site that sells both CB and Ham radio related items. The website has a fairly professional design and has a shopping cart system with secure checkout. They list on their site that they have been in business since 1999. They do note on their about us page that they don't have a walk in store which means they are an on-line only E-store and most likely don't carry actual inventory but instead have distributors drop ship their products to the customers. They lose one star for not having an actual shop.


Overview: is a large online retailer and just about everyone knows who they are so we won't go into specifics. If you choose to buy radio products from AMAZON it's always best to look for ones actually SOLD BY - AMAZON.  There are a lot of third party shops who sell on Amazon and you have to be careful because while you might be shopping on the Amazon website you might actually be buying a product sold by a CB radio shop you have never heard of before. Their website is very secure for checkout and we probably feel safer shopping on this website over any other shop listed here. Also of note - items sold BY AMAZON are usually cheaper than you'll find on any CB radio shop website and they often offer free shipping!


Overview: Bells website design leaves a lot to be desired but they do have their address, phone number, and email addresses listed. They sell a lot of radios and are selling on ebay and do repair so they are a real CB shop. If you go to google maps you can actually see their store in a strip mall complex on the street view. Bells has been around for a long time (they say 1968 on their website).  Their prices are usually higher than other shops on the internet. They lose one star because of their outdated website design and they lose another star because their checkout system is not currently showing a secure certificate.


Overview: The first sentence this website uses to describe their radios is LOUD-N-PROUD. That should serve as a warning right there.  The site does not have a email address listed (only a contact form). They do not have a physical address listed. They do not have a professional website design. While their checkout through Paypal may be secure the page where you enter your contact information IS NOT.  The only thing going for this site is they list a phone number. We would avoid buying from this website. We give them a red star because of the expired security certificate.


Overview: Bills 2 Way Radios shut down we believe a while back but they have now re-opened. While we know people who have shopped with them successfully in the past we haven't dealt with anyone who has purchased from them lately.  Their website design is old-school. The contact email addresses are  and addresses, not their domain email. They don't have a shopping cart or secure checkout system, instead you have to submit an order form. There is no phone number for contact.


Overview: Bob's CB has been around for quite a while and they used to do the CB World Informer website so they are a complete legit and real CB radio shop. They have a retail location and address shown on their website as well as phone numbers and an email address. Their website design is fairly old school and they don't have an online shopping cart or secure checkout method. If you want to order you will have to give them a call. That being said for people who don't like to shop over the internet Bob's is a real location where you can call and talk to someone.


Overview: This is another actual CB shop located in Texas. They list their address, phone and email on their website and have a shopping cart with secure checkout. You can google the address and on the street view you can see the store with a bunch of U-Hauls around the lot. The shop was started in 1989 and is now owned by a married couple. The website isn't the most professional you'll find out there but they have a good selection of products and their prices seem competitive. We haven't purchased from them but we know people who have had good service with them.


Overview: They have a very nice website with shopping cart and secure checkout. The don't list a phone number or email but have an address listed. If you google the address is says there are a bunch of businesses located at that address - a CB Shop, Satellite Repair, Discount Electronics and if you look at it on street view you can actually see the CB shop so they are a real retail location.


Overview: Clays website design isn't great but it does have a shopping cart and secure checkout. They have a phone number, email and a physical location. We've ordered online from them twice and called them on the phone and someone answered and talked to me about my order. I think Clay has been focusing more in Motorcycle Communication Installs lately but this is a real location and we have personally bought from them with good results. Their prices are a little high on certain items but others we've gotten good deals.


Overview: Copper is a real CB radio shop with a physical location. Their website is fairly functional and has a shopping cart and secure checkout. They have a CB radio forum on their website that they have techs who do reviews and post information and they generally are fairly hands on with their business.  We have purchased from them before and received items without any problems.

There are people who complain about them repackaging refurbished radios as new. I haven't encountered this personally but it has been mentioned. Generally speaking I wouldn't feel worried about ordering something from them, they are a real business and have been around for a while so I trust they will deliver.

Note: Copper's website isn't a live inventory system - it's possible to place an order and complete the entire process and have them email you the next day telling you the product won't be available for a month or more.


Overview: This website has a disclaimer on the entry page which to us is never a good sign. They list an address but it is a residence. They do list a phone number and email address. They have a shopping cart and secure checkout. Their prices are higher on some radios and lower than others and they do offer "custom" CB radios with are very expensive and I'm not sure worth the cost ($389 custom Galaxy 959).  They lose one star since their location isn't an actual shop, and one star because in many of their product pictures the radios are propped up with a tape measure.  He does post videos and reviews online as cbrepairguy and seems to know his stuff although we've heard some unfavorable reviews about him on some forums. He gets a red star as a warning, mostly because no one should pay $389 for a $150 radio no matter what you can do to it.


Overview:  GI Joe Electronics is one of the larger stores online. There prices are fairly competitive and they have a large selection. Their website is a bit of a free for all and they have google ads on their actual product pages which is a little weird for a business. They list a physical address, a phone number and an email address. They have secure checkout as well. As far as if they are good to do business with - it can be hit or miss. We know people who enjoyed dealing with them and got their stuff quickly and other people who saw long delays on getting their product or didn't like the tunes they got on their radios. We do know they charge $40 to set a deadkey to 1-2 watts and turn up the modulation (with alignment they say) which seems expensive. They get a red star because if you don't order their "modification" they don't include e-chips with RCI type radios, which is contrary to the way most shops operate.



Overview: Global Trucker is a trucker accessory website that also sells CB radios. We believe they drop ship radio from distributors like many of the other online cb radio shops. They list a phone number, address, and email address. They do sell export radios but since they aren't an actual CB shop they don't convert the radios or do any work on them. We bought a CB radio from them once though and it arrived promptly and without issue.


Overview: This website looks very basic in its design. It's a web only store and doesn't have a physical location. No phone number or address is listed, only email addresses. Their checkout is through paypal so it is secure. They say they used to be an actual physical shop but not anymore.


Overview: HYElectronics has a ton of products you can't get at other stores. They import antennas and amplifiers from Europe so they do have a unique selection. Their prices can be very good on some items but a little high on others. They only list a PO box but they do have a telephone number. They print an actual catalog and will mail it out to you if requested or they include one when you receive your order. Their service is hit or miss - many of their amplifier items (KL line) are made fairly cheaply and if you run into problems they can be difficult to deal with for returns. If you are looking for a product only they sell then it could be a okay place to buy. We have ordered from them and received the order without any problems but we have a friend who received a shipping damaged amplifier and it took a lot of back and forth to get a return worked out.

I give them a green star because I've never had any problems with them and have always received my items but be aware that there have some been some complaints.


Overview: Pacetronics has been around for a while and they also have had their fair share of run-ins with the FCC for selling export radios.  A couple years back we bought a radio from them and had no problems but we believe they shut down and reopened more recently and we have heard a couple of negative stories about them. The website design isn't super professional. They only have a PO box  but do list a phone number and email address. Their checkout system is not secure when you enter your address and info.


Overview: Peanuts website leaves a lot to be desired. Their front page image of the Magnum S-3 is all distorted. You can't buy online from them, they don't list any products,  but they do list an email address and phone number. They don't list a physical location. They also have google ads mixed in with their store information.


Overview: Pepper Electronics has their address, phone number and email listed on their website and the address in google shows an actual retail location. Their website store isn't anything special and their descriptions of the radios are lacking in detail. They do advertise "tune ups" for $35 but don't say what that means. They also run a Motorcycle Accessories website and store out of the same location.


Overview: Radio Pro Shop website isn't super pretty but they do have a secure checkout. They don't list a physical address and they show pictures on their about us section that make it look like they have a big warehouse but we don't think the pictures are their store. They list an email address and phone number. One positive point is that they do sell on ebay and have 609 transactions and 100% positive feedback, which is good to see.


Overview: This shop doesn't list prices or have a shopping cart checkout. They make wild claims about their tunes and it's come to light over the last couple of years that their modifications are terrible and many people ended up with radios with problems. Go on to any cb forum and ask an honest question about their work and you're sure to have people tell you to avoid these guys.


Overview: Redman CB has had people say pretty good things about their shop on forums in terms of customer service and shipping times. The shop doesn't list an address but does have an email and phone number. He does sell some custom items he makes that you can't get at other shops. He does have a ebay account with 5507 transactions and 99.6% positive feedback.


Overview: This is another online reseller website that doesn't have an actual store. In addition to their CB website they also have a fishing trolling motors website so I don't think their focus is truly on CB Radio. Their prices are a little steep (Galaxy 959 $179.95). The do list an address but the street doesn't actually come up on any map searches and they have a 800 phone number. They do have nice product videos, secure checkout, and we have ordered from them and received a radio on time and without any difficulty. So although they aren't an actual shop we'd feel fairly comfortable buying from them. 


Overview: Road trucker is a website that sells a lot of trucker related items and also CB radio stuff. Their website design isn't very professional although it does have secure checkout. They list an address, email and phone number but they are not an actual CB shop. They lose a star for not being a actual CB shop, one for the web design, and one for the lack of professionalism in their FAQ section. In their FAQ section they actually list a couple of their "blacklisted" customer which is within their rights but just isn't very professional as a business and earns them a red star here as well.


Overview: Rogerbird (his CB handle) has a great website dedicated to special mods and tricks for the 2510/2600/Lincoln radios and he gets listed here because he does do work on radios. He and "DOC" (see above) are two people known in the CB world for doing chipswitch mods and other work on these models of radios. Rogerbird usually is much cheaper than "Doc" is his rates. Despite his great website and a good reputation we've had two radios we had him work on and also a friend's radio and we saw our HR2510 come back with an extremely high deadkey (to the point it could damage the radio if run that way long term).


Overview: Rolling Radios isn't an actual CB shop, but he sponsors a CB radio forum and has sold quite a few radios to people over the last couple of years. People generally are happy with his work and his service although he has been called out on some forums and blacklist websites for shoddy work. Since he isn't an actual shop, doesn't have a website, or list an actual address he loses some stars. He also gets the red star for being listed on a blacklist site.


Overview: This again isn't an actual CB shop but they do sell CB radios and they have a real location and warehouse, address, phone number and email all list on their website. They have secure checkout, fairly good prices and seem to be legit. We've never purchased from them but they have some good online ratings so I'd feel secure buying from them.


Overview: Sparkys has nice website design, very competitive prices, and secure checkout. They list an address, phone number and email address (gmail). On google maps street view it shows a NEXTEL sign so not sure if that is the actual store location/CB shop. Sparkys is one of the larger CB businesses and also distributes SkyThumper Communications products. They are know for having good customer support on the phone and good customer service. They also have their own forum which we've always liked as it's fairly open and they let people post comments as they please. Overall we've heard a couple of complaints posted online about Sparkys but based on the volumes they sell you have to take it with a grain of salt.  They lose one star for some complaints but we'd say they are someplace where you can feel secure buying online.


Overview: Spikes website lists and address, phone number, and contact form (no email address). Their website isn't the greatest design but their checkout is secure. Their prices are high on some items and okay on others. One thing about this shop is they do include a tune and alignment with the price of the radio (not sure what that tune would include exactly).


Overview: Star Electronics website is pretty crappy as website go. The design is all over the place and it's not the easiest to navigate. They list an address, phone number, and email address (yahoo). The address listed is for a warehouse (suite B) that is actually up for sale on a real estate website. Their checkout is secure but their returns address is different than the main business address which is a little weird.



Overview: Thomas Distributing isn't an actual CB shop. They carry a ton of other types of equipment but they are listed here because they sell a lot of CB radio items and accessories.  Their shipping rates on replacement CB whips etc are usually pretty good. They list an address, phone number and email. They have secure checkout and we've purchased from them multiple times without issue.


Overview: This website is pretty basic and doesn't have an address listed, just an email and phone number. Their checkout is secure but they have typos on some of their products which right away raises red flags. I'd shop elsewhere online.


Overview: Truckers-Store is another truckers type online store that has lots of different types of items but they do really focus on the CB radios items. They list an address (Access Electronics) and phone number. Their website isn't super fancy but it does have secure checkout and we've purchased items from them that arrived quickly (drop shipped we believe). We'd feel comfortable ordering from them again.


Overview: This is an actual retail ham radio store that sells online on their website. They list a address, phone number and email and they have secure checkout. Their prices are on the high side and they carry some CB radio stuff but really their focus is on the ham radio market. Reviews for them have been hit or miss in the ham community (see eham review here) but the fact that they are an actual retail location and sell quite a lot of products to the ham radio community bode well for buying with them (although it sounds like they can be a little slow in shipping).


Overview: Walcott has one of the nicest websites out of the CB radio shops online. Their customer service is very good and they seem to have a good order processing system as most stuff ships quickly. They have an actual retail location and do well as they are right in the middle a a bit truck stop/depot area. They list an address, phone number and email and they have a secure checkout process. They also offer free shipping on certain items. Online reviews are very favorable with the only exceptions being people saying their peak and tune skills aren't the best. We've had good results with them and have would recommend them.


Overview: We are CB is an online store and it looks like they are associated with a main CB distributor business that drop ships for many of the other online e-shops listed here. They have a real location, list an address, phone number, and email address. They have secure checkout. They often have some of the little accessories you can't find on other stores. Prices are competitive (since they are also a distributor and buy in bulk). We've purchased from them and had good results and would recommend them.